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 Tuđman's programme

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PostSubject: Tuđman's programme    Thu Nov 17, 2011 11:10 pm

Tuđman's programme was opposed by many members of Croatia's Serbian minority, towards whom he was overtly antagonistic.[21] The Serb Democratic Party (SDS) of Croatia, supported by Milošević, denounced the HDZ as a reincarnation of the nationalist-fascist Ustasha movement, which had massacred hundreds of thousands of Serbs during the Second World War.[22] From mid-1990, the SDS mounted an armed rebellion in Serb-inhabited areas of Croatia and set up the self-declared Serbian Autonomous Oblast of Krajina with covert support from the Serbian government and Serbian paramilitary groups. The Croatian government rapidly lost control of large areas of the republic.[22] In February 1991, the Krajina Serbs declared independence from Croatia and announced that they would unite with Serbia. Other Serb communities around Croatia also announced that they would secede and established their own militias.web design
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Tuđman's programme
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